Friday, January 25, 2013

Setting Up A Taurus Ring Saw

Setting up a Taurus ring saw is literally a snap.

After you finally decide that you need to purchase a ring saw for cutting and grinding intricate stained glass pieces, setting it up is really a simple process.

There are only three pieces you need to snap together before you add water to the reservoir and begin using your glass saw.
  • First, snap the face shield to the body of the saw handle.
  • Next, snap the ring saw into the grooves in the water reservoir.
  • Add water before dropping in the work surface.
If you live in an area where the water is excessively hard, add a bit of vinegar to the water.  Also, it's a good idea to add a couple of drops of liquid dish detergent to the water to help lubricate the cutting ring.

This short clip illustrates how to do it.

Ring saws are not for everyone but if you decide to purchase one, they are definitely a time saver when working with intricately designed suncatchers, wall hangings, lamp shades, etc.

The Taurus 3 Ring Saw also accepts a "Mega Blade" which can cut thick pieces of glass, marble, granite, etc. into intricate shapes. 

The profile of the Mega Blade is unique in that it looks like a teardrop and cuts in the forward and reverse directions only.

It is not intended to cut in any direction like standard ring saw blades do.

One thing is sure, once you own a ring saw, you'll wonder how you managed to work without one for so long.

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