Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stained Glass Suncatchers

Stained glass suncatchers have become an important part of interior decoration and almost a "fashion trend" in terms of artistic representations in our society.

Stained glass suncatchers can be hung either indoors to reflect sunlight from a window, or outdoors from a patio or porch enclosure.

Handcrafted stained glass suncatchers add a unique dimension to almost any decor and can be fabricated in a multitude of themes and abstract designs.

Stained glass suncatcher design themes are wide ranging.

A simple Google search will find you design themes like birds, fish, floral patterns, animals, abstract designs, cartoon characters, insects, etc. that are applicable for use in any decor.

Because the colors of the glass are chemically inside the glass molecules; stained glass suncathers are indelible, waterproof, safe and will forever retain their original color and clarity.

This makes them perfect for use in decorating kitchens, patios, children's rooms, etc. without having concerns that the colors will peel or flake off the project.

Stained glass wind chimes or stained glass hangings used in conjunction with wind chimes can make an interesting, inexpensive, decorative audio/visual improvement to any breezy outdoor patio.

Because of the interaction of colors and lights that stained glass suncatchers provide and their ease of construction, they have become one of the most popular DIY projects for hobbyists in the United States.

Suncatchers, wall hangings, church windows, lamp shades and a myriad other projects are cut from colored stained glass and fabricated in accordance with specific time enduring techniques that are easy to learn and master.

Quality stained glass tools makes all the difference when cutting, grinding, adding copper foil, and soldering stained glass suncatchers.

Using the proper supplies makes it much easier to create pieces you can be proud of giving to your friends or selling to customers.

Inexpensive stained glass tool kits are a great option for beginners. 

This site will continue to promote the innovative art of fabricating unique stained glass suncatchers in future posts by offering time saving tips and information on new products and techniques as they become available.

All constructive comments are greatly appreciated.   

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