Thursday, March 7, 2013

Using Pre Cut Stained Glass Patterns

More and more newcomers to stained glass have begun using pre cut stained glass patterns for suncatchers, plant stakes, wall hangings and other relatively simple projects.

Pre cuts for stained glass and mosaics are relatively new in the marketplace.  The patterns used for stained glass suncatchers are usually small and seldom contain less than a dozen pieces as you can see by this Pre-cut Rooster Ring Kit.

Pre cut stained glass patterns, like beveled glass insert patterns, are an easy alternate to cutting the glass yourself.

For those who desire "instant gratification" and have the extra green to spend, using pre cut stained glass patterns can definitely be the way to go.

Pre cut projects take the first step out of the creation process, glass cutting. However, you still need to foil, solder and patina the pieces to finish your project.

Many newcomers have a difficult time cutting glass. Others feel that glass cutting is the most difficult and time consuming aspect of the creation process.

Both are candidates for using pre cut stained glass patterns for their projects.

In many instances we believe that using Pre Cut Stained Glass patterns can be helpful, especially if the pattern you have chosen has many small pieces.

The nominal cost for purchasing a pattern is often less than the time it takes to make a lot of small precise cuts, especially when the pattern is to be used as an integral part of a larger glass panel or wall hanging.

Beveled glass pattern inserts also fall into this category.

The cost of purchasing a beveled cut glass pattern is infinitely less than the amount of time it would take for you to create a beveled glass pattern on your own; providing you have the equipment to make one.

For beginners the same principle applies.

There is one drawback to using using pre cut stained glass patterns and that is the practice you lose cutting glass to size.

When working with glass; practice, practice and more practice is necessary.

The more you practice, the closer you get to achieving perfection.

 In closing, we recommend using pre cut stained glass patterns as a time saver but in the long run, the more glass you cut yourself, the faster and better you become.

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