Sunday, July 19, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not !

What do you do with leftover stained glass from all your projects?

Well, the best idea I've come up with is to first sort the glass by size and color.

Smaller pieces can be placed in plastic shoe boxes, labeled, and stacked for easy retrieval when needed for small projects or fusing.

Larger pieces should be sorted vertically and an old bookcase or kitchen cabinet is an excellent storage location.

My husband redesigned a spare bedroom with old kitchen and base cabinets on the walls that have plenty of storage space for my stained glass pieces.

Base cabinets are about the right height to work from and also provide storage for my grinders, ring saw, etc. The smaller drawers work fine for storing smaller supplies like foil, lead solder, grinder bits, etc.

Plastic coffee containers are great for beads, wire, and smaller glass pieces used in mosaics or other smaller projects.

Anyone with newer ideas? Please feel free to comment.

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