Friday, February 18, 2011

Suncatchers Are A Great Beginner Project

Suncatchers are a great beginner project for a number of reasons.

They are small projects that do not usually have a huge number of pieces. This makes for short construction times and for the beginner, a finished product that can be admired in a day, instead of a week or more.

Newcomers to stained glass can often lose interest when the project they choose has too many cuts and takes too long to finish. Biting off more than one can chew can be very disheartening.

When look for your first stained glass suncatcher pattern, assuming that you have never worked with stained glass before, go for a simple square or rectangular design.

Because these designs are basically just a series of straight lines, they are the easiest and fastest to cut. As you become more proficient at cutting stained glass, you can progress to more detailed suncatchers with more varied and difficult cuts.

Many of the patterns that you will find online will have the skill level already indicated on the pattern. This is so that you can successfully complete your project without being unduly concerned about your capabilities.

Many stained glass patterns also provide time saving tips on how to assemble each project.

Creating stained glass suncatchers is just a stepping stone to more difficult projects such as wall hangings, stained glass windows, panels, 3D boxes and even Tiffany style lampshades.

Although the larger projects require skills that may take years to acquire, there are tons of projects out there like suncatchers, that are simple enough for beginners to cut their teeth on.

Making stained glass suncatchers is a useful craft that allows you to use your creative artistry to make a variety of beautiful projects for your home, your family or to sell to others.

Once you master stained glass suncatchers, you can move on to stained glass panels and wall hangings.

Stained glass panels can be used as a window, in cabinet doors, in side lights, or simply as a decorative wall hanging accent.

Like sun catchers, start with simple designs and move on to the more detailed patterns as you become more proficient.

Stained glass boxes make lovely gifts and are nothing more than three dimensional projects made from six small panels soldered together.

Boxes are not that complicated, but they do require some patience to construct.

Like stained glass suncatchers and panels; there are hundreds of patterns available online for beginners.

Remember that suncatchers are a great beginner project that will help you hone your skills and move on to more complicated stained glass art.

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