Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Preserve Your Marks On Glass

It has always been a problem to preserve your marks on glass and keep lines from running when grinding pieces for your stained glass suncatcher projects.

We have used virtually every type of "waterproof" marker known to man at one time or another with only limited success.

Even the so called indelible markers will start to run after grinding for an extended period of time however, we have recently been using a product called Mark Stay with a great deal of success.

Mark Stay 2 - 1 Oz. preserves your stained glass pattern marks on virtually any type of glass.

It seems to be the secret to pattern lines staying on glass while using a wet saw or grinder.

All you need to do is apply a thin film over any type of mark and start grinding.

Mark Stay 2 - 1 Oz.Not only is the product is easy to use, it's non-toxic and washes off with glass cleaner, flux remover, or just plain soap and water.

I get personally get crazy when I start grinding a small piece of glass and my "indelible" pattern mark washes off the glass.

Mark Stay II Extra Heavy Duty professional mark preserver for glass grinding, sawing and beveling was apparently created for me just to preserve my sanity.

Beginners and professionals alike could be saving yourself a lot of regrinding time and trouble by using this or a comparative product.

We welcome and comments you have concerning it's use.

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