Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Is A Mega Blade?

Some followers have emailed us questions about the Mega Blade for the Taurus 3 ring saw.

Specifically, what is the Mega Blade?

The Mega Blade is a "super duty" ring saw blade that is intended to cut thick glass, stone, marble, granite, etc.

Taurus 3 MegabladeBecause of it's unique profile, the ring saw blade cannot cut in all directions like conventional ring saw blades.

It only cuts in the forward and backward direction.

The profile of the Mega Blade looks like a teardrop if you could view a cross section of it, with the rounded part of the teardrop cutting in the forward direction.

Mega Blades are interchangeable with conventional Taurus ring saw blades and are replaced in the same manner as described in this short video clip.

Installing the Taurus "mega blade" 

Since I primarily work with stained glass suncatchers, wall hangings, panels and Tiffany style lamp shades; I have no need for one, and have not yet purchased a Mega Blade.

However, I have heard from others that they work very well cutting thicker glass into intricate shapes and also for making blanks for beveled glass pattern pieces.

Any comments on the blade and their effectiveness would be greatly appreciated.

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